Student Email Migration

After finals week, IT will begin migrating student email to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. This move will update the look and feel of the email interface, allow you to utilize single sign-on and provide necessary fixes and enhancements.

How will I know when my mailbox has moved?

The Email link on the Current Students page of the Clarkson College web site will display the following message when your mailbox has moved. From that point on, please begin accessing email via the “OneLogin” link.

Please note that old shortcuts or bookmarks to the former e-mail link will need to be removed after the migration, as they will no longer function.

Accessing Your E-mail After the Migration

Visit the Current Students page, and select the OneLogin link to sign in.

OneLogin Screen Shot

After signing in to OneLogin, use the “Outlook E-mail” tile to access your account:


Mobile Devices

If you receive an error message after your mailbox has been migrated, try removing and re-adding your account. If you receive another error message,  please contact the Clarkson College helpdesk.

When configuring e-mail on your mobile device, the required pieces of information are:

  • Account Type:  Office365/Exchange
  • E-mail Address:  Enter your full e-mail address as the username/e-mail address  

Format: Example:

  • Password:  Use your OneLogin password (same as former e-mail password)

New Features

Below is a short list of some the new features that will be available after the migration is complete:

  • 50 GB mailbox size (350 MB was the previous capacity)
  • Better browser compatibility
  • Integrated support to add attachments from OneDrive
  • Single Sign-On within the OneLogin Portal
  • New spam/virus filter for increased protection

Contact Information

Clarkson College Information Technology
PH: 402.552.3911