Why is health and safety compliance needed?

For more than 125 years, Clarkson College has had a long standing history of excellence among the community and our clinical partners. Clarkson College has a mission to prepare students to be the best. Part of this preparation is taking precautions to prevent communicable diseases for students preparing to enter and/or continue in a health care profession, which includes meeting the requirements of the accrediting bodies and clinical agencies. Contracts with our clinical partners align each academic program with their specific health and safety requirements. Health and safety compliance ensures the College is in good standing and meets all necessary accreditation standards.

What is CertifiedProfile?

CertifiedProfile is the account for your Document/Immunization Tracker, Background Check and Drug Screen. Once you set up your account with CertifiedBackground.com, you will be able to upload all documents needed for compliance and have access to your Background Check and Drug Screen when they are completed. In your account you will also have additional online storage for personal documents, help with writing reference requests and other services.

When and how do I sign-up for my CertifiedProfile account?

After your program registration session, you will receive your College e-mail account. An e-mail will be sent to this account that includes the code(s) needed to sign-up for your CertifiedProfile account as well as the deadline for signing up. You will be directed to visit CertifiedBackground.com to enter the package code(s) in the “Place Order” box.

How often should I check my Clarkson College e-mail account?

E-mail is a primary means of communication at the College and is used by faculty, staff and students. You should plan to check your Clarkson College e-mail account daily. We recommend that students do not forward their Clarkson College e-mail address to another account. Once your e-mail leaves the Clarkson College domain, we cannot control who has access to it.

How do I use my CertifiedBackground/Profile account?

After signing-up, call CertifiedProfile at 888.914.7279 if you have questions or need assistance in navigating the website. Guidelines for using your CertifiedProfile account

How do I upload my records?

To upload your documents, there are several options:

  • Fax: A coversheet can be downloaded to fax in an item from your CertifiedProfile account.
  • Mail: A coversheet can be downloaded to include with items mailed from a CertifiedProfile account.
  • Scan in and save to your document storage of choice (my documents, Dropbox, etc.) to retrieve to upload.
  • Take a picture using a smartphone or iPad to directly submit your documents. If using a smartphone, the picture would need to be saved to the document storage of choice to be retrieved for upload.

How do I view the status of my CertifiedProfile account?

  • Open your account.
  • Click on Document Center.
  • Click on My Documents.
  • Click on Clinical Requirements.
  • Click on the file named "Results."
  • Click on Download to open the file.
  • Once opened, the "To-Do-List Summary Report" will appear. This report will show all status details of your requirements in your account.

Sample Report & Screenshots

Which of my requirements need renewed and when?

  • BLS/ACLS/PALS Certification: every two years
  • Tetanus Shot: every 10 years
  • Licensure: every two years
  • TB Skin Test, Health Insurance & Flu Shot: once per year

What is a titer?

Antibody titer is a laboratory test that measures the level of antibodies in a blood sample. The antibody level in the blood tells your doctor whether or not you have been exposed to an antigen or something that the body thinks is foreign. The body uses antibodies to attack and remove foreign substances.

A blood sample is needed to perform the test. For information on how this is done, see venipuncture. No special preparation is necessary for this test.

Do vaccines interfere with the results of TB Skin Test?

Live vaccines (MMR, varicella) can interfere with the results of a TST, however live vaccines can be administered on the same day as a TST without interfering with the results. If a live vaccine is given a day or more before a TST, there must be a 28 day interval between the vaccine and the TST. A live vaccine can be given following the evaluation of a TST.

NOTE: In the case of a two step TST, a dose of MMR or varicella vaccine can be given on the same day the first TST is administered. Then 28 days must elapse between that dose of MMR or varicella vaccine and administering a second TST.

What is a declination form?

For the Influenza (flu shot), you have the option to complete a declination form. The form can be downloaded from your account. The purpose of this form is for declining the immunization for reasons of health or religion. The form should not be completed to state the immunization will be done when available. Influenza is seasonal and usually available October through April. For Clarkson College, Influenza is due Nov. 30, and the requirement would then be uploaded for the current year.

Is there a scanner available on campus for student use?

Yes, there are two. One is located in the Library on the second floor of the main College building; another is available in the Success Center, located on the upper level of the Student Center.

Is there a fax machine available on campus for student use?

Yes, there is one in the Library on the second floor.

Is there a special form to take to my doctor for the physical exam?

Yes, it can be downloaded here or from your CertifiedProfile account if required.

Who is my program director?

General Education & Health Care Services Director: Lori Bachle
Health Care Business Director: Carla Dirkschneider
Physical Therapist Assistant Director: Dr. Andreia Nebel
Radiologic Technology & Medical Imaging Director: Ellen Collins
Undergraduate Nursing Director: Cindy Schlotfeld
Master of Science in Nursing & Doctor of Nursing Practice Director: Dr. Patricia Coyle-Rogers