Clarkson College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members of our campus community, as well as the patients many of our students interact with throughout their education. To protect yourself from certain conditions of risk you may be exposed to, it is essential for you to complete specific health and safety requirements according to your academic program needs. Failure to comply with such requirements will prevent class and/or clinical attendance. All health and safety requirements are at the expense of the student and are non-refundable.

Getting Started

To make completing and updating your health and safety requirements as simple as possible, you will utilize the website (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are recommended. Does not work with Internet Explorer). You will be required to place your order(s) through the website, which will establish your CertifiedProfile account. Once logged into your account, you will enter the academic program package code sent to you via e-mail to generate the list of your health and safety requirements. E-mails will be sent from this account regarding items that are due, overdue and/or rejected.

Additional Information & Resources

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