The Clarkson College Student Practical Nurse Association encourages the existence and growth of practical nurse education and continuing education for licensed practical nurses. This organization distributes information about practical nursing and demonstrates the purpose of the profession through communication and cooperation of other organizations to maintain and improve standards of health care.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Student Association (PTASA) is open to all students enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant program. This organization is designed to encourage students to participate in professional and community activities that are educational as well as to allow the students an opportunity to promote their profession.

The pre-professional organization for students enrolled in the Radiologic Technology or Medical Imaging programs is the Radiologic Technology Student Association (RTSA). This organization encourages student involvement in professional activities and promotes professional development at local, regional and national levels.

What is a Student Ambassador?

Clarkson College Student Ambassadors are students selected to assist the Admissions office with recruitment and special College events. Examples of their work include: Preview Days, campus tours, student activity events and local recruiting events. Student Ambassadors help welcome prospective students and their families to Clarkson College.

Who is eligible to become a Student Ambassador?

Any newly accepted student or current Clarkson College student planning to live on campus is eligible.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Students interested in the Ambassador program must complete an application and interview with admission representatives. Applications are accepted before the fall semester only.


Admissions Office
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The Student Government Association (SGA) at Clarkson College is the voice of the students, serving as a communication link between students and the College community. SGA listens to students' suggestions and ideas in its work building a positive campus environment.

Involvement in SGA, which is available to all currently enrolled Clarkson College students, is a great way to build leadership skills and make a positive difference for your fellow students.

Official Documents

SGA By-Laws
Student Organization Handbook
SGA Application
SGA Election Rules
SGA Standing Rules
Undergraduate Leadership Award Application
Graduate Leadership Award Application

SGA Officer Descriptions

President: Preside at all meetings of SGA, prepare the agenda for each meeting, appoint special committees and chairpersons, and be a liaison and representative to the College and the public.

Vice President: Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence and serve as a representative to Student Activities Council.

Secretary: Record minutes and attendance during meetings. Maintain official records of SGA business, and promote and advertise all SGA meetings, activities and events within a timely manner.

Treasurer: Maintain all SGA financial records, develop the SGA budget and serve as a member of student programming committee.

Public Relations Chair: Promote and advertise all SGA meetings, activities and events within a timely manner. Work with the Marketing department pertaining to articles about SGA in the Clarkson College student newsletter and updates to the SGA webpage. Act as a liaison for faculty senate and attend their monthly meetings.

Representative: Voice and vote for all students at Clarkson College within each receptive division recognized at the institution. Serve on committees of SGA to provide service for the College community.

Note: Candidates must be in good academic standing with a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA and be available for bi-monthly meetings and other various projects. Any student running for an executive position will not be able to hold office on another organization executive board.


Student Government Association

Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a unified league of student nurses. Our mission is to promote an atmosphere that encourages the unique development of a nursing student into a nursing professional by providing guidance, support and diverse learning opportunities. We wish to install confidence, individuality and proficiency in future nursing professionals.


Clarkson College Student Nurses Association


To create and nurture students, faculty and staff in an environment that supports development of healthy lifestyles, promotes wise decisions about alcohol and other drug use, and prevents substance abuse at the personal, professional, campus and community levels.

Atmosphere of College Today

Students who plan to go to college will find that it brings lifetime memories and lasting bonds with peers. Throughout these college years, you will continue to mature socially and intellectually as you begin to plan out your professional and personal goals for the future. There are some important things for you to know about factors that could have an impact on you while you are here. It might surprise you to know that college drinking is at an all-time low, and abstinence is at an all-time high. But these issues remain a concern.

Mature and Responsible Choices (MARC) provides awareness to the impact of alcohol and other drug use on the lives of students on a college campus. Dealing with these issues and understanding the implications helps students evaluate and be concerned with other issues that may have just as big of a potential impact on their life.

Our MARC program focuses on helping students to develop a sense of shared community, while helping students to learn about being responsible and caring members of society. We do not deny the serious challenges that face you in today’s environment, where healthy choices may not be the norm. But we embrace the concern of Clarkson College students over these issues and work to promote good choices on a widespread basis.

College Alcohol Profile Survey

The College Alcohol Profile (CAP) survey is a quick and confidential way to receive personalized feedback on your alcohol use. The CAP was created with input from and designed for Clarkson College students, and it will take about five minutes to complete. Take the CAP survey

The Nebraska Collegiate Consortium (NCC) funded, evaluated and compiled the results of a survey given to Clarkson College students to determine our college alcohol profile. The goal of NCC is to reduce high-risk drinking among students across Nebraska. Learn more about NCC

Year one CAP survey results


Joe Councill, Nursing Assistant Professor
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Campus Crusade (CRU) is a non-denominational Christian group that provides an opportunity for students to grow spiritually through fellowship, worship and service. Meetings are casual and offer a discussion group for individuals to share their thoughts about various Christian beliefs.

The mission of the Multi-Cultural Student Association is to promote awareness of the diverse community we live in and the need for culturally competent health care professionals. For more information about the MCSA or to attend an upcoming meeting, e-mail Katie Kirkpatrick.

The Parent Group organization is designed to mentor and guide non-traditional students caring for their family while attending Clarkson College. This organization provides mentoring and guidance for this population of students and seeks out different resources that may benefit these individuals.

The Residence Hall Council (RHC) is the governing body for students living on campus in the Clarkson College Residence Hall. The Residence Hall Council fosters a community that is the voice of residents. It promotes resident involvement in the Residence Hall and on-campus. Members of RHC must be current residents. Learn more about living on campus