Student Learning Outcomes

The Mission of Clarkson College is to prepare students to professionally provide high quality, ethical and compassionate health care services. With this in mind, program directors and faculty identified five important Student Success Skills. These skills are measured at the program level and within the core curriculum to provide evidence that students possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to become successful health care providers. Student assessment is essential to ensure that our programs meet professional standards and higher learning accreditation requirements. Assessment data also guides improvements to our programs, enabling us to continue toward academic excellence.

Student Success Skills

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Technology
  • Diversity
  • Professional behavior

Undergraduate Core Curriculum

All undergraduate students are required to complete the health care core curriculum as part of the General Education requirements. Associate and/or Bachelor degree students are required to complete a nine credit hour core curriculum as listed below. The health care core curriculum courses are designed to enhance each student’s success while in college and become leaders in their chosen health care fields after graduation.

HC 104 Core I: Effective Interactions in the World of Health Care
HC 204 Core II: A Cultural History of the Healing Arts
HC 304 Core III: Ethical & Cultural Frontiers in U.S. Health Care

Data from Undergraduate Core Curriculum

Trend statistics 2010–2104
Core Competencies
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